About Acivation

Activation is a leading company specialized in providing integrated technology services and solutions. Our services vary between designing and programming websites and managing servers, in addition to providing a service for programming mobile applications on all platforms using the latest, fastest, and most secure technologies. Activation also has a team specialized in digital marketing characterized by creativity and the ability to achieve high results in record time. We also supervise many websites in the world, through a strong team with extensive experience that can achieve and implement ideas with high quality, mastery, creativity, and excellence.

About Activation

Our Vision:

Contribute to the development of projects and businesses by activating the best innovative technical solutions.

Our Message:

Activating the digital transformation of projects and businesses with the best innovative technology solutions around the world.

Our Motto:

Activate innovative technical solutions.

Our Services

Creating website:

We realize that website design is the essence of your project, so we work with you to design, prepare and implement websites that reach your online business goals to maximum success by providing the most important pillars on which the website architecture depends, as we offer you a professional creative design compatible with smart devices of all kinds And their sizes and keeping up with the latest web technologies with ease of navigation and flexibility in using the elements in a wonderful way in addition to the strength of the software foundations on which the site is built, which helps to increase customers and visitors to your business through your website.

Motion graphic designs:

It is the economic revolution in the new millennium, which ensures access to the largest segment of the target audience For your products in different cities and regions may reach all over the world, through which you can achieve Big profits through Internet sales, which has become the largest market for global profits

Application programming:

Statistics indicate that 60% of Internet users use the Internet through applications more than desktop devices. Statistics indicate that the total electronic commerce over the Internet in the Kingdom has reached 50 billion riyals, and trade through applications occupies the lion’s share of it. Are you still hesitant now to start a new application project? The activation team is ready to transform your ambitious idea into a successful application with the highest standards of efficiency and quality and with an attractive output that works on all different operating systems and is compatible with all smart devices of all kinds.

Managing social media accounts:

Targeting social media pages has become one of the ABCs of marketing and spreading to all segments of society, such as start-ups and large companies, and even individuals, as companies realize the importance of having a strong presence through social media, through which the greatest opportunity is given to the correct reach of customers, with your cooperation with the activation team, you will get a unique experience in Managing social media accounts as we have an integrated team that works thoughtfully to provide the best customer access experience by targeting the required customer segment.


The media and electronic content industry has now become one of the most important steps to be provided to establishments and individuals for the purpose of marketing and spreading. Also, the use of professional videos can completely change the presence of any person or brand on search engines and social networking sites. Therefore, we were keen at Activation to provide a video production service that meets all the needs of our valued customers and helps them spread on social media platforms more.

Technical and technical support:

We are with you around the clock. The activation team responds to your call at any time and place. And guarantees you the stability of your sites and applications through our team that ensures stable and balanced performance throughout your work period through various reliable technical support packages.

Photoshop designs:

If you are looking for a distinctive fixed visual design that reflects your business identity in a professional and distinctive way

Advantages of activation

Accumulated experiences

We harness all our expertise in various fields of technology to provide the best services to our customers.

Full commitment

Complete analysis, a clear plan, implementation, and commitment.

Meet needs

Activation is fully prepared to meet all customer requirements according to the highest quality standards


Our projects are characterized by high flexibility in responding to the desires and aspirations of customers by providing professional works that are capable of unlimited development.

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